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Artists: Andrea Haynes-Peart

Artist Statement

The three pieces entitled ‘The Legend of Martha Brae’, ‘The Legend of the White Witch’ and ‘Poppy show’ all share a colonial theme. Collectively they span over two hundred years of Jamaican history, starting with the Spanish in the early sixteen hundreds and ending with the English in the early eighteen hundreds.

‘The Legend of Martha Brae’ describes the mystery surrounding the origins of the Martha Brae River in the parish of Trelawney. It was said that a Taino maiden who had been captured by the Spanish and ordered to lead them to the gold mines, led them to the source of the river instead. Fearing for her life and knowing that the cave was prone to flooding, she timed their visit to coincide with the seasonal flood rains. The rest is history.

‘The Legend of the White Witch’ is about the infamous Anne Palmer on the last night of her life. Here I’ve loosened the brushwork quite a bit, juxtaposing digital ‘oil’ with ‘ink’ in an attempt to capture the madness of the moment. Both pieces were done in solar powered, digital media and printed on watercolor paper.

‘Poppy Show’ uses traditional oil on hardboard. It describes the creolization process and how the ruling class has become so Europeanized that nobody wants to admit that any of their ancestors came over here on slave ships. It is hidden underneath a veneer of sophistication as one would hide an undergarment underneath a fine dress.

Born in Kingston, Jamaica in 1964, Andrea Haynes-Peart grew up both in the Bahamas and Kingston. She studied Fine Arts from 1983-1988 at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada and has exhibited in Jamaica and abroad since 1991. She has also illustrated 10 children’s books to date.

Formally trained as an illustrator and fine artist, Andrea studied both classical and contemporary techniques from egg tempera to acrylic and oil. She also studied computer graphics at a time when the medium was just emerging and graphic designers had to learn programming in binary code.

Andrea has moved from acrylics to oils and has now added digital oil painting to her repertoire. She considers this a new and exciting technique in improving the art of image making. Her work exudes a delicate sensuality and a lyrical realism with religious attention to detail. She communicates through the use of allegory and a universal iconography so that her work can be appreciated on a variety of levels.

Her last solo show entitled “Signs” opened successfully in 2006 to critical acclaim and was completely sold out within two hours. In 2009 she won the Jamaica Digital Arts Festival Competition and currently lectures at the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts in Kingston, Jamaica.


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